XIAOMI Mi 4 Videography Drone - Review

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Howdy people :)

    as you know, if you know my channel, I very much like to build things myself (like my XJ470 video quad).. There is a time & place for just buying & flying as well though :) Besides that the Xiaomi Mi 4K Drone looked very promissing to me, so I ordered one from Gearbest..

    Link to the quad: Xiaomi Mi 4K Video drone

    A nifty option is to use it's camera & gimbal on a handheld grip by the way: Xiaomi Mi gimbal grip

    So.. I'll start this thread with my full review.. On my 2nd channel though, I've got a good amount of uncut aerial video's from the drone by now though:

    Frame class: 400-size
    Weight: 1.4 Kg
    Max speed: 18 m / s
    Motors: brushless
    Battery: 5100 mAh 4S Lion
    Camera: 4K 30 fps or
    2.5K 30 fps or
    1080P 100 / 60 / 30 fps
    Max photo res: 4,000 x 3,000
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  2. DivenParker

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    Is this a new products by Xiaomi?
  3. This is indeed a newer version of their drone...
  4. Halloa people :)

    I did me some testing of the automated flight modes / missions that the drone sports.. i had not tried them before :) And well.. there is a bit of a mishap with the circle-mode :p Not disastrous luckily :)

    Here we go..
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  5. TomMonton

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    Funny story ... I built a 280 scale drone using a pixhawk lite controller and of course ... you always over power it right. You may need that extra punch along the way ?

    I didn't wait long enough for a good 3d lock and was only wanting to try the position hold feature anyway so why not ... it worked like a charm.

    I fat fingered the switch and passed through a return to home mode in doing so. The controller didn't hesitate a moment and agreed.... going home.

    My brand new built throttled up to full, leaned over just short of 90° and slammed into the shed ... I'm guessing it was enroute home back home to India or wherever. ... duh.

    Just a couple broken props was all but wow, what an eye opener.
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  6. Hahahaha :D (sorry for laughing :$) familiar story that! And yep.. your build sound like this one:

    (combined lifting power of 10Kg :$ .. what for?? Who knows :p Better safe then sorry)
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