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Discussion in 'Scratchbuilding!' started by Usaff22rapt0r, Jul 7, 2011.

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    im making a plane with a 5 foot wingspan and the wings are sagging pretty hard we have 3 1/4" balsa sticks on it but it still sags what would you guys recommend i know carbon is the way to go buy 9mm carbon is kinda expensive
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    I'm no expert (seriously, I'm a noob) but,....wings are allowed to sag a bit (or flex) so can you post a pic to show how bad the sag is so we can judge?
    Anyway, one thing you could do (if you dont want to put carbon in there) is to laminate the upper surface of the wing but that will add weight (use plastic laminating film). My guess is the lamination might tighten the upper surface enough to resist the downward sag. It certainly had that effect on my planes wings.
    Another possibility is to erect a stick in the fuselage and run wire under tension from the top of the stick to both wing tips to hold them up. Maybe some fishing line might do the job but it does stretch so try to buy the right kind (spider line if you know of that stuff in your country?).
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