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  1. Support
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  2. Downloading, Printing
    - We designed our digital products to work on all common computers and devices.
    - This includes PC’s, Windows, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets & phones, Mac OS X, and Linux devices.
    - If your computer is 5 years old or less, you will be fine.
    - Check your computer’s manual if you need any updates to use the suggested programs below.
    - For best results, use a modern web browser like Google Chrome.

    - You will be directed to a page right after your purchase that has your download links on them.
    - You will also be emailed with links to download your PDFs.
    - If you missed the page and didn't download and aren't able to find your email, send us an email at [email protected] with your information and we'll send you your plans.
    - If you purchased plans from us before February 2017, please see the "My Downloads" section in the upper right corner of the website after you are logged in to find old plane plans.

    - Your computer should already have a PDF reader factory installed.
    - If not, we use a common program called Adobe Reader to open, view, and save PDF files.
    - If your computer is too old or does not have this program, you can download it free.
    - Here is a link to download this program: Adobe Reader (click on “Download Now”).
    - Make sure, that even if you have Adobe Reader, you have the newest update (this solves 90% of issues).

    - See this post on the basics instructions thread.
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  3. Passwords
    - If you've lost your password, go here.
    - If you just want to change your password, go to here (make sure you’re logged in).
    - You may need to clear your cache and cookies after resetting your password.
  4. Which Plane To Start With
    - The Su-35 V5 has proven itself to be the best beginner plane to start with.
    - The MiG-29 V5 is balanced, stable, and aerobatic. It makes a great second plane.
    - The F-22 V5 is fast with scale performance. It makes a great third plane.
    - See all of our planes here.
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