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    The RCPowers V3's- AVAILABLE NOW!!!

    The F22, F18, Mig 29, F35 and F117 plans were a huge leap forward in stability and performance over the V2 plans. Check them out...

    The RCPowers F22v3
    07 (1).jpg

    Click here for F22 v3 Forum Thread
    Dave calls the F22 v3 the "experts parkjet" Looks spectacular in the air and is a
    great mid to high speed flier, but
    be sure to keep your finger tips limber
    slow flying! There's nothing better than seeing the F22 put through its paces.

    The RCPowers F18v3


    Click here for F18 v3 Forum Thread

    The F18 was an all around winner and Dave's "Smart Plane" designation for it was
    right on. It feels like there's a lot going on there.

    The RCPowers F35 v3

    Click here for F35 v3 forum thread

    The F35v3 is a super stable plane and even though Dave calls it the trainer,
    you can load it up with advanced control surfaces and mixes! It's really one of
    the best flying RCPowers planes out of all the versions.

    The RCPowers Mig 29 v3


    Click here for Mig 29 forum thread

    The mig 29 is super fast and stable
    at higher speeds. If you are a high and fast flier, this is the one.
    I used this plane with a slow 2s power set up and it proved to be an awesome slow flier too.

    The RCPowers F117 v3

    Click here for the F117 v3 Forum thread
    The F117 is probably the coolest looking RCPowers plane and the V3 is definitely the BEST flying
    F117 of all the versions. Extremely aerobatic and feels like you've got thrust vectoring even though
    there is none. This is such a fun plane! The launch handle is a great touch too.
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