My top-3 favourite 2018 FPV Quads :) - What are your favo's??

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Halloa guys & girls :)

    2018 is nearing it's end so I thought I'd answer a question I get asked a lot:
    what is your favo drone?? I have flown a lot of quads this year, so it would seem like a difficult pick between them?
    It was actually surpricingly easy though I did pick 3..

    Here is my Top-3 for this year :) Offcourse I'd very much like to see what Your favo's are :)

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  2. TomMonton

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    Very nicely done Dutch.

    I've been watching for a well balanced 3" quad and the Armattan Japalura is as close as I've come but ... ...your transtec had captured my interest now.

    My struggle has been the 3"model would tend to be a little more floaty where the 2.x" scale would fly more like its bigger 5" models. That was why I always preferred flying the ldarc 115 over the ldarc 125 ... it just felt better to my hand and a more stable feel to it. Different strokes different folks I get that.

    I ordered the v2 as well

    I simply cannot touch the geprc 5" frame with anything better by my research so far by I'm putting that one off until closer to spring now.

    Thank you Dutch ... as always your timing is good.
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  3. Thank you sir :)
    The Kingkong lightweight is nice yes :D You'd be in for a surprice if you'd fly that TransTEC though :p It is A LOT faster ;)

    True.. I'm interested to see what I think of that GepRC Mark II.. but it will have a hard time against the KHX5 :)

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