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    ScratchRC.com - Helicopters, free Aircraft PDF plans, stepbystep build vids, & pics

    I had a very bad experience with poor customer service at several vendors, most recently with Grayson Hobby that I recently detailed in the "vendors" section of the forum, but also had similar out of stock, overly expensive, missing parts, and longgggg- wait time experiences with xheli, nitro planes, Bananahobby (ughh...), toysonics and some more that are too obscure to mention - and I finally found a site that I love for many of the same reasons I enjoy Rcpowers. I was a test customer for the brand new store at:


    They have great customer service and lots of free advice for the new-to-advanced pilot/builder including:

    -Free PDF plans for popular planes and jets
    -Free step-by-step build videos and in-flight videos
    -Forum, live video & text chat with frequent responses to customer questions
    -Low-cost, high quality rc product store w/the best customer service in the industry!

    they have some great videos too on their YouTube channel at:


    I don't normally promote other companies but I've been so fed up with what's available out there and even some of the sites that Dave promotes, although I know it's not his fault and I don't blame him, so I hope this is of some help as an alternative for others that have had my experience...

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