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  1. Wiring
    Secure Wiring
    - Install the receiver, ESC, and any onboard mixers according to the wiring diagram you’re using.
    - Plug in the ESC to the motor and tape down the wires.
    - If your motor is spinning the wrong way, just reverse any two of the three ESC wires.
  2. Painting
    - We use Testors paint because it’s one of the few paints that doesn't melt the foam.
    - Shake can well and hold 12” away and spray a light coat.
    - Let it dry and repeat. Best to practice on some scrap foam first.
    - See this helpful thread on finishing techniques.

    - We use the “3 inch Holographic Rainbow Sheen” tape for the cockpits with the windshield pattern on the plans.
    - We use 5” x 36” MonoKote stickers for the stripes on the wings.
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  3. Programming
    Radio Programming
    - The basic setup we recommend is elevons and rudders only.
    - Do not activate the ailerons until you first master the basic setup.
    - You can adjust the control deflections using your radio programming. Consult your radio manual for specifics.
    - Make sure your servos and radio trim are all centered to “zero” before you start.
    - Setting up your radio and controls can be tricky. See the Troubleshooting thread for more info.
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  4. Control Throws
    Control Throws
    - Mechanically decrease control throws by moving the servo pushrod to the lowest hole on the servo arm.
    - Mechanically increase control throws by moving the servo pushrod to the highest hole on the servo arm.
    - You can increase or decrease your servo throws using the programming inside your radio.
    - As you get more used to flying the plane, you can increase the throws a little bit at a time.
    - We recommend setting controls surfaces to 15 degree throws for elevons, rudders, and ailerons.
    - Setting up your control throws can be tricky. See the Troubleshooting thread for more info.
  5. Center of Gravity
    Center Of Gravity
    - There is a saying, “A nose heavy plane flies poorly, a tail heavy plane flies once.”
    - You will never get the center of gravity “exactly perfect” the first time, it is a calibration process.
    - So you get to chose if you start off a bit nose heavy or a bit tail heavy (we recommend start nose heavy).
    - Get your plane 100% ready to fly (battery inside, but not plugged in for safety).
    - The center of gravity is marked on your PDF plans. Use the cutout notches on the rails for reference.
    - Setting up your control throws can be tricky. See the Troubleshooting thread for more info.

    IMPORTANT: These are high performance parkjets so the center of mass and center of gravity is critical. Your battery must be as close to the motor as possible to achieve proper balance and performance advantage. Trim any foam needed to move your battery all the way up against the 4 vertical motor mounts.
  6. Trimming Your Plane

    Trimming Your Plane

    - Do not try and go “zero to perfect” in your first flight. Accept that getting a plane to fly best is a calibration process.
    - Start each maiden flight a bit nose heavy and be ready to trim the plane with some up elevator.
    - Then land the plane, move the battery back 1/4 inch, and repeat.
    - For your controls, focus on the pitch first. Give the plane the trim needed, land, adjust, then repeat.
    - Once your CG and pitch are under control, then move on to trimming in your roll.
    - On average, it takes skilled pilots 3-5 calibration flights to get their new controls to their desired position.
    - The first flight can be a bit tricky. See the Troubleshooting thread for more info.
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