Hubsan's easy entry into FPV Drone Flying

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Halloa people :)

    sooo.. what are your experiences with Hubsan? Maybe you've never had one eventhough they Are pretty popular :) To me Hubsan is a value brand in the entry-level quad flying arena.. All Hubsan quads I've flown required only a minimum of prior knowlidge of quads, at a reasonable price..

    Recently they released their X4 Jet, which is aimed at people that would like to have a go at that FPV drone flying, but who don't want to build and/or think that the Betaflight stuff will just be to complicated for them..
    Hubsan will probably tell you something ellse, but I think this quad really is Only for people that haven't FPV-ed before...

    Link to this new quad: Hubsan H123D X4 Jet - RTF Brushless FPV Quad

    I'll be publishing a couple of video's on this quad.. To start things.. here is my detailed Show & Tell of it:

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  2. Allright.. this took a bit longer then planned (bad weather) but here it is! Mu maiden with this X4 Jet from Hubsan :)

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  3. okee.. so I had not planned to do a video on the firmware of this Hubsan quad, but flying it made it evident that upgrading the firmware is a MUST DO..

    So.. Here is a how-to on upgrading the firmware on this FPV quad :)

  4. And.. after doing quite a bit of flying with the quad (AND waiting for better wearther :p) ..

    Here is my final verdict on this X4 Jet....

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