GepRC MX3 Sparrow racing / freestyle Quad - Review

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Halloa guys :)

    sooooo.. I've build a couple of quads from GepRC frames by now.. Nice frames! But can they allso deliver in the BNF / RTF market?
    My first impressions are quite positive.. I very much like this little bugger :)

    Link to this 3-inch-quad: GepRC MX3 Sparrow - aka Master Blaster

    And.. here is the first part of my review on it:

    wheelbase: 139 mm
    arm thickness: 3mm carbon fiber
    motors: 1408 3500 KV
    ESCs: BLHeli-S 4x 28A in 1 DShot600
    current: 3S or 4S
    receiver: FrSky XSR (D16)
    props: 3042 3-blades (2 spares)
    FC: EVO F3
    camera: Runcam micro V2 600tvl CCD
    VTX: 25-100-250mW 72 channels
    OSD: yes (in the Runcam micro V2)
    Buzzer: yes
    LEDs: yes
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  2. Howdy guys :)

    I've had my MX3 Sparrow for a few weeks now and have enjoyed it quite a bit..
    And then... then I got the HGLRC XJB-145.. That one performs better! :O

    Sooo.. that's not right offcourse.. Let's solve that! :D

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