FXT Viper v2 - updated FPV goggle (box style)

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by DutchRC, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. Halloa guys :)

    I got me a new FPV goggle in last week, so I have set about testing the thing :) It is a box-style goggle, and I should tell you that my current daily driver is the TopSky F7X v2, which is offcourse a Fatshark style of goggle..
    I think most people never give box-goggle a second look after switching to Fatshark-style goggles, so I really wonder if the FXT Viper has a chance of converting me :p

    LInk to this new V2 version: FXT Viper v2 - Box style FPV goggle

    So basically most tests I'll do are to see if these goggles are something I would want to be my daily drivers.. If I like them at all, I'll at least use them exclusively for a month so I can do a long-term-review for you..

    For now.. I've only done a bit of flying around with them.. here is what that looked like:

    resolution: 800x480
    field of view: 45 degrees
    screen type: TFT LCD
    channels: 37 channels
    power input: 7 - 28 V
    4/3: yes
    16/9: yes
    use with glasses: yes (easy)
    Diversity: yes
    HDMI in: yes
    DVR: yes
    OSD: yes
    audio out: Nope (but has a speaker)
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  2. Small update :) The previous video was shot in-between houses (losts of WIFI signals) and with a 25mW VTX..
    So that was kinda a worst-case scenario..

    This time I flew in the middle of knowhere, and the quad flew a 200mW VTX:

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    You've been silent reference any real impression thus far.

    I was never really comfortable with the earlier box view goggles .. just my own personal take. I needed a box big enough to include prescription glasses and consequently it never rested well on my face. Then it felt like I was sitting in the front row of an auditorium and was struggling to see the big picture.

    The second issue I had was getting a reasonable focus around the edges. Center view was the only clear linear picture to my eye.

    There have been marked improvements with box goggles anymore, my impression is severely out of date and was more looking for the walk around, kick the tires review of this product.

    Show us what you got there Mr. Dutch
  4. :D well.. here is the deal: I have kinda stepped away from quick & easy reviews.. So if you are looking for a review (read: sales pitch) based on 1 day of use I'm sure you'll be able to find reviews like that..

    So yep.. I WILL have a review, and even a long (say up to 400 flights) review of it..
    Tomorrow I'll post a short video about some of my findings so far (but it won't be a review)
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    That'll work.

    A pro vs con will work for me.
  6. And.. here is my comparison (reception & DVR) :)

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