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  1. Thanks, to me especially the main wing being 2 piece I just couldn't put something there to strengthen it.
  2. This bird needs good carbon in it as it will really surprise you when it come to how good it can perform tight manoeuvres

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  3. Well other then some filling and sanding and I guess paint she is ready to fly. Just have to wait for warmer weather. 2016-01-11 11.10.37.jpg 2016-01-11 19.18.16.jpg 2016-01-11 19.18.29.jpg 2016-01-11 19.18.39.jpg
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  4. What power set up are you running

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    I run a 480 sized motor on a 1300 50c 4s with a 6x4apc with a 50 amp esc. Its a beast on 4s, and very fun on 3s
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  5. The turnigy 2826 2200kv, 35a esc and a 6x4apc prop.
  6. My batteries are 1300 but only 30C but they seem to do ok with this setup. Just thought of it what did you do for air to cool the esc?
  7. TomMonton

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    Ah a fresh canvas.

    Did you have a paint scheme in mind ?
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  8. Not yet, my wife wanted me to do it in baby blue and do clouds in it. I said great I'll never see it. lol.
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    The plane gets better with the more power I put in it. Right now I am at a zoom 450 2200kv. Batteries I am still playing with. It seems to like the 1800 size although the 2200s have not hurt performance to much.
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  10. Yup I run the 450zoom on a 50amp I use a 1300 50c 4s and I cut a hole on the underside of the fuse right between the nacelles and put a spoon for a air intake duct

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  11. I have a couple 2200 40C coming just so I have something in between my 1300 and 3000 ones .
  12. I'll have to see where I can cut in an air duct, there is 2 layers to go through, lower fuselage panel and the main wing panel where everything is.
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    I cut a scoop into the top hatch, only thing you have to watch out for is the depth, don't want it snagging on the battery..

    equipment & air scoop small.jpg
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  14. That's not a bad idea. I'm playing with the idea of cutting up a plastic spoon and using it as an air scoop, that would be easy to put on the hatch.
  15. Ok sorry I was thinking a different model. I have 31 different planes right now... I put 2 half cut spoons on the fuse just aft of the canopy but not on the hatch, I put them on the sides.

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  16. Filled and sanded, ready for paint. A little bling, chrome air scoop for the esc. Just finished mounting 1 on the hatch. If I don't like it definitely easy enough to change. Haven't decided on a paint scheme yet so start the next plane. Also comes in nice for weight, with the 1300 battery only 17.05 oz. and with the 3000 21.45 oz. Might do camo, any trick to stop the masking tape from lifting the paint? I clean the whole plane really good before painting but still in spots the tape will pull off the paint.

    2016-01-12 10.24.22.jpg 2016-01-12 10.24.32.jpg 2016-01-12 10.24.44.jpg
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  17. I also didn't put them on the side because I figured with hand launching I would probably grab right where they are and squeeze them in.
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    I started using frog tape,works pretty good,it won't pull the paint off and if your going to brush your paint on brush from tape in or it will blead under the tape.You also can use shelf liner with the self sticky back.If you are planing to do curves with the tape I put it on a piece of glass from an old picture frame and cut your curve and then apply to your plane.Good luck.
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  19. Thanks, I will be spraying it.
  20. pileit1

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    If your leads are long enough, you can mount it under the fuse between the nacelles.
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