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  1. How The RCP Forum Security System Works

    A) To The 99.9 % Of Guys On The Forum

    - To the regular guys on the Forum, we see you, know who you are and got your back!
    - If we ever had an issue we would first email you as a friend, and please do the same.
    - Bottom line, to the 99.9% of guys on the Forum, just keep doing what you’re doing!

    B) Targeting Hijackers
    - The Forum software detects “hyperactivity” and will automatically report it to the Administrators for review.
    - The Forum Community uses the “Report” button to manually send a report to the Administrators for review.
    - Once a single person is “reported” 4 times their account is automatically frozen.

    C) How To Ban A Hijacker
    - The ultimate authority to ban a Hijacker is not in the hands of Administrators, it is in the hands of the Community.
    - These procedures are put in place to insure no one can be unfairly banned because of a simple disagreement.
    - A Hijacker is banned when the RCP Forum Community votes by using the “Report” button more than 4 times.

  2. The “Report” Button

    How To Use The Report Button
    - The “Report” button sends an urgent private message to the Administrators.
    - Your report is kept confidential and the Hijacker will never know you reported them.
    - If you see anything that seems wrong, please use the Report button. No harm in being safe.
    - Once there are 4 or more reports on the Hijacker, the Hijacker's account is frozen.

    About Moderators
    - The Moderators are here to simply keep threads on topic.
    - The Moderators have a tough job, become one of their many problems at your own risk.
    - The owners of the RCPowers Forum stand behind the Moderators and their decisions.

    To Moderators
    - Moderators, when you see inappropriate behavior, please also “Report” the posts.
    - This way the other Moderators and Administrators can also review the reported posts.
    - We want to give thread Hijackers enough rope to hang themselves.
    - We have found it more effective to not “help” a Hijacker by editing their posts whenever possible (use your judgement).
    - The more a thread Hijacker is belligerently posting, the more “Reports” we get, the faster we can ban them.
  3. Patterns Of A Hijacker
    A) Definition Of A Hijacker
    - A Hijacker (often called Troll) will seek to dominate and control the Forum.
    - They feel that their ideas must be followed or else everyone is wrong.
    - No matter how much they are validated, they will always demand more.

    B) Patterns Of A Hijacker (Entry Into The Forum)
    - The Hijacker joins the Forum like everyone else and is often over excited to be here.
    - The Hijacker will often use excessive smileys or posting in order to show how much he cares.
    - The Hijacker will often “triple post” in order to make sure everyone knows how much he cares.

    C) Patterns Of A Hijacker (Lock On)
    - After some time in the Forum, the Hijacker will become threatened by some random subject or person.
    - The Hijacker then becomes “locked onto” this subject or person and won’t let the issue go.
    - The Hijacker “feels unfairly wronged” by the subject or person and begins their attack.

    D) Patterns Of A Hijacker (Attack)
    - The Hijacker now begins their never ending attack on the subject or person that has “wronged/threatened them”.
    - The Hijacker in their own mind is “here to help” and if everyone would “just listen to them” all would be ok.
    - The Hijacker continues a relentless campaign of posting and PM’ing without stop. This will last for days or weeks.

    E) Patterns Of A Hijacker (Community's Response)
    - The Community bends over backwards to apologize, provide info, facts, anything to calm the Hijacker down.
    - The Hijacker feeds off the attention and only increases their demands.
    - The Community becomes annoyed.

    F) Patterns Of A Hijacker (Hijacker Goes Ballistic)
    - The only way to describe this stage is a toddler tantruming. The Hijacker simply explodes with non stop attacks.
    - All the while the Hijacker never sees themselves as being in the wrong. In their mind they are simply “here to help”.
    - At this point the Community has stepped back and doesn't want to go near the threads the Hijacker is infecting.

    G) Patterns Of A Hijacker (Burden Of Proof)
    - As the Hijacker senses the Forum being forced to deal with them, the Hijacker will bait people into arguments.
    - The Hijacker will demand to be shown the one rule or post where they are in error (baited trap).
    - The Hijacker (who is still a victim in his own mind) now has a long list of “wrongs” everyone has done to him.

    H) Patterns Of A Hijacker (Banning The Hijacker)
    - The Moderators and Administrators are forced to step in as the Hijacker now has full control of the threads.
    - The Hijacker still to the end still holds to the line that “he is here to help, if we would all just listen to him, etc”.
    - The Hijacker, as he knows he’s about to be banned, will lash out at anyone he can for one last grab of attention.

    So, when you see this kind of behavior, hit the REPORT button.​
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