Fly Fox 110 - Brushless Micro FPV Quadro WITH Smart Audio :)

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Halloa guys :)

    soooo yes.. I've got me another FPV quadro in about a week ago :) It's a 110mm size one, and if you have followed my channel you might remember me daying I didn't really want smaller then 140/130 size quads anymore.. Mostly because most/all of them have crappy Cmos camera's, and are mostly quite fragile..

    So yeah.. I couldn't resist ordering this Fly Fox because this one Does have a nice CCD cam, and on top of that: Smart Audio :D (Tramp protocol)

    Link to this quadcopter: Fly Fox 110 micro FPV quad at HobbyCool

    And here are my initial findings:

    Wheelbase: 110mm
    Frame base: 3mm carbon fiber
    Flight controller: Omnibus F4
    Firmware: Betaflight 3.2
    Motors: 1106 7600 Kv
    ESC's: Dshot 600 20A
    Camera: Sony CCD 600 tvl
    VTX: 25 / 100 / 200 mW 48 channel
    Lipo: +/- 500 mAh 2S or 3S (2S included)
    OSD: yes
    Smart Audio: yes
    Leds: yes
    Buzzer: yes
  2. Howdy guys :)

    soooo! Update time on this Fly Fox 110 then! I left you with a vibrating quad in the last video, which is no good offcourse..

    I threw other props & a better lipo on it.. Did that help??

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  3. Time for a LONG term review of this 2" quads :)
    Partly because the brand (what IS the brand actually??) isn't well known..

  4. TomMonton

    TomMonton Administrator

    She truly is an impressive little bird and appears to hold really well. Like diving on a throttle punch and being able to hold its position well.... not wobble out of a loop ... grab air and go.

    I did give this one a good look but thought it better to run with prop guards through the trees where I'm at.

    This does make for an excellent upgrade if I decide i want to play freestyle. It's cool anymore how they get so much power out of these little 2 inch 2s frames.

    Very good review on this one and I appreciate the follow through Dutch and you're right. Some products honestly earn that honorable mention.
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  5. Thanks brother :)
    good evaluation! It flies very Preciese indeed, which can't be said for all quads in this size (as you know ;))
    allso enough power on catch a dive smoothly indeed.. It really flies like a 4-inch on 4S :)
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  6. Aaaaaand.. yet another update on this FlyFox 110 :)
    One of mine is bit worse for wear, so.. Time to have a look at a different frame for it :)

  7. TomMonton

    TomMonton Administrator

    I am amazed that you could even spot that fracture at all.

    Have you tried those props on the et-115 ?

    Nice looking setup too btw.

    .... and did you need to realign or did it all fall into place as is.
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  8. It was a (very) easy swap.. screws-out.. screws-in and I recorded the flight :)

    Hadn't thought of that! I might indeed try those props on the ET115 (though I don't dislike it's stock props)

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