Eurofighter Easybuild V2 Instructions

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    1. Cut out all the foam parts and glue the fuselage and vertical stabilizer together.
    2. If you want a rudder, cut it out of the fuselage, bevel each side, and tape hinge it into place.
    3. Prepare the fuselage for the carbon spar. Cut a 2mm wide channel for the spar, then scrape the channel about 1mm deep with a small standard screw driver.
    4. Use a piece of carbon to press the carbon channel out so that you can place the carbon flush into the foam, then epoxy the carbon in.
    5. Score and fold the main fuselage frame peice, place a piece of tape on the back of the score/fold hinge, then glue it onto the vertical fuselage piece you just installed the carbon into.
    6. Glue the forward cross supports into place.
    7. Glue the rear cross supports into place.
    8. Glue the fuselage skin pieces together as shown.
    9. Prepare to glue the skin onto the frame, glue the center notch into place first.
    10. Use epoxy and glue each side of the skin on, one side at a time. Pin and tape it as needed to hold it firm and straight against the frame.
    11. Glue the bottom of the nose together, then the nose tip itself.
    12. Glue the center top skin piece on as shown.
    13. Glue the rear top skin piece on as shown, make sure the vertical stabilizer is centered.
    14. Glue the wings together and use the method from before to install the 3 carbon spars.
    15. Cut out the elevons, bevel them, and tape hinge them into place.
    16. Slide the wings onto the fuselage, this part may take some shimming and stretching, but the parts will go together fine.
    17. Take the cockpit pieces, glue the plate like piece into the fuselage. Then, form and bend the other piece and glue it together as shown.
    18. Glue the hatch pieces together as shown.
    19. Glue the hatch and cockpit together as shown, then cut them at the hinge line. Finally, tape hinge them together.
    20. Glue the cockpit onto the fuselage, DO NOT glue the rear hatch part onto the plane.
    21. Slide the canards into place, then glue them in.
    22. If you want a KF airfoil now is the time to glue it on.
    23. Glue the hatch earth magnets into place.
    24. Epoxy the motor mount and control horns in. I used extra scrap foam around the motor mount for added strength. If your using a stronger motor like the Megajet the extra foam is a good idea.
    25. Tape the bottom plate on, then paint the model. If you choose not to paint the model, skip this step.
    26. Remove the bottom plate, the install your elevon servos.
    27. Install your rudder servo and the motor.
    28. Glue the bottom plate on. Then, install the Rx, ESC, and any additional trim, now your done!
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