E-flite Pitts S-1S RC Biplane

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    Here are my review videos for the new E-flite Pitts S-1S RC Biplane. You will find my Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Second Flight videos in this thread.

    Unboxing & Review video.

    Maiden Flight video where I decided to go against the grain and do it on my new 4S Scorpion 1800 Lipo instead of trying it on 3S first!

    Second Flight with my 3S Scorpion 1800 Lipo after I knocked the aileron dual-rates down to 58%, down from 70% and trimmed it out.

    Here are the pros and cons for this Parkflyer 850mm Pitts:

    - It is beautiful
    - It flies well on 3 or 4S power
    - The size is terrific for transport
    - It comes with AS3X and SAFE Select
    - The tail wheel is very solid
    - The battery bay slides out, which is a pretty cool, but it does have its downsides (see below)

    - It likes to land hot and bounce!
    - The ailerons are very touchy (58% D/R is best for me and this plane)
    - Getting the battery tray in and out of it scuffs the back of the main wing
    - The build has some quirks and the manual does not match up completely with the parts and pieces, especially as it applies to the prop assembly.
    - Assembling the main wing took way too long, but it wasn't the end of the world.
    - It has been reported in the manual the recommended CG is farther back than it should be. 86 to 70mm is the recommended CG range.
    - The main landing gets bent very easy!
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    the UMX pitts is a better plane...try one of those out! lol
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