E-flite Night Radian RC Glider

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    I just got this new E-flite Night Radian RC Glider and decided to review it for you guys. It has Flite Test stickers and is a 2M Glow In The Dark Powered Sailplane.

    In the video I unboxing it, go over the parts and pieces, show you what it looks like after assembly, provide a light demonstration, discuss the radio setup, and provide my review notes at the end.

    In this video I hand launched it in SAFE Mode, flew it around on power, did some gliding, and showed off how well it loops. You will notice that it is still a little nose heavy balanced at a little more than 3" with my Enfan 1500 lipo. When I moved the CG back to a little more than 3.25", it had a perfect balance almost 1" off of what the manual recommends.

    Here are my review notes:

    - It is a big E-flite Radian Powered Glider
    - The motor is a 3S brushless motor
    - Not only does this comes with lights installed, but they offer a ton of variety
    - This is definitely something you can add an FPV camera to for more fun
    - If you're a Flite Test fan, this plane is for you with the stickers and such
    - The radio setup is easy like most Horizon Hobby products
    - It comes with the option of using SAFE Select
    - AS3X is nice when you have SAFE Select turned off

    - The CG is printed incorrectly in the manual and may cause issues flying it. I found that a touch past 3.25" was perfect for my enfan 1500 lipo battery on the maiden flight.
    - The tape provided to hold the horizontal stabilizer is unacceptable. Use quality shipping tape instead.
    - Wires that connect the horizontal stab to the fuse are a free floating afterthought.
    - The Servo tape that covers the wing lights underneath the main wing started to roll up after the first wing installation.
    - The LED wing wires are going to be a hassle every time this plane is flown because they are about an inch and a half too short. To help with this, I added some servo connector extensions. I highly recommend this!
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