Diatone 2018 GT M3 PLUS - unusual FPV racer :)

Discussion in 'Quadcopters' started by DutchRC, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Halloa guys :)

    I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this quad sinds the day I first saw pictures of it :) This is offcourse not the only plus-configuration quad out there, but it's still quite uncommon :) Apart from that the specs are quite impressive for a little 3-inch FPV quad :)

    Link to it: Diatone 2018 GT M3 PLUS

    There is allso a normal X version of it

    And allso a streched X 2018 GT M3

    So! Let's see what this quad does :)

    Wheel base: 110mm/170mm
    Frame base: 1-piece 3mm CF
    Flight controller: F4 32K
    Firmware: Betaflight 3.2.1
    ESC's: 20A 4S max Dshot600
    Motors: 1408 4000kv (beefy!)
    Camera: non-brand 600tvl CCD
    VTX: Genuine TBS Unify
    Props: Gemfan Falsh 3052 tri-blades
    Dry weight: 120g
    Smart audio: yes (SA protocol)
    Receiver: none
    Black box memory: yes 128 MB
    OSD: yes
    Buzzer: nope
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  2. Here is a DVR recording from my first FPV flight with it as well :)
    The flight itself is a bit boring cause I was explaining stuff to a few kids (that I had set up a FPV monitor for) while flying..

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  3. TomMonton

    TomMonton Administrator

    I really don't care the propeller being within view (that much anyway).... that's just a me thing.

    Otherwise she performs impressively well.
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  4. I didn't really even notice it while flying :$
    Ohw: IF you were to really race with this quad, you'd run it with a higher camera-angle.. You wouldn't see the prop anymore that way..

    Yep.. fast quad this :)
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