A Journey into 3D Printing (from a Novice perspective)

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by DutchRC, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Yes.. you can do that in Slic3r indeed..
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  2. Halloa guys :)

    I've got me a new 3D printer in a few days ago, and got right into building it.. Well I should say I got right into shooting video's about it :p
    This (new) Ender-3 is quite similar to the hugely popular CR-10 but it's footprint is a bit smaller, as is it's price :D

    Link to this printer: Creality 3D - Ender-3 desktop printer

    I will be doing a good nr. of video's on this printer! Here is my build-report of it (sorry.. long video)

    build square: 220 x 220 mm
    build height: 250 mm
    machine size: 440 x 410 x 465 mm
    max speed: 180 mm / s
    nozzle diameter: 4 mm
    fillament diameter: 1.75mm
    layer thickness: 0.1 - 0.4 mm
    resolution: 0.1 mm
    max nozzle temp: 255 C
    max bed temp: 110 C
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  3. Looks like a good structure and the print size is good along with the price. :)
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  4. For Sure :) the CR-10 did quite well.. this one actually does Better :)
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  5. And.. Part 2 of my series about the new Ender-3 printer :D
    This here is my short-term review of the printer.. I've obviously only had it for a few days.. In a while I'll also post a long(er) term review of it..

    In short: I think this printer is VERY well made, and wurth more then it costs..

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  6. Okee.. so this Ender-3 has a party trick that in theory sets apart from for instance the CR-10..
    It has the ability to resume prints after a power outage..

    Well.. at least so the product-pages tell us.. Let's find out if it actually Works:

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  7. Interesting. It must have a battery in the power box to retain some memory. To bad it failed but looks like it maybe started 1 or 2 lines to high. The initial little blob on the print is what flowed out of the nozzle when it was still hot because there was no retraction. Try another test after you kill power, raise and move the extruder to a different position when the power is off and see if it finds the spot on the print bed when the power was killed.
  8. Yeah.. it indeed was the 'ooze' from the nozzle still being warm..
    I won't 'help' the printer accomplish this party-trick though ;) I think this feature could be usefull in schools and such, but for it to really work it should then not need any extra steps (IMHO)..

    tomorrow I'll have a more important video though! :D
    Printing flexible materials with the Ender-3 :)
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  9. Jet another video about the Ender-3! :p Quite an important one though I think:
    how well does this printer print flexible materials??

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