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Nov 14, 2012

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Jun 8, 2017
    1. Wayne
      Hello, where do I find the gyro setup video mentioned on you tube
    2. rob38
      hi could you tell me the best site to download a free rc simulator please manythanks.rob 38 from uk.
    3. Arthur_Charap
      i am 62 yo semi retired surgeon with most afternoons free.I am looking for good flying spots near where I live in Anaheim hills. i have an Eflite heli cx3,zagi 400[in surgery] and a combat wing E2 with brushless motor and nicad 1800 ma batteries.I just purchased a parkzone radian. I am looking for a teacher/flying partner so I can learn to fly my toys properly .I thought being a hi performance aircraft rated pilot would help me with R/c. Not true after many hours on the g4.5 simulator i am still prone to panic and nose in disasters.If some one has a buddy transmitter set up I would pay for lessons!!
    4. VallieJean
      Roy...Dave doesn't know what the numbers mean ;) I haven't heard of that company, I have Adobe Dreamweaver software. We use www.godaddy.com as our Hosting and have the "Unlimited" plan, because I know our bandwidth will fluctuate often. That plan you posted seems fair (you will still need to purchase the domains though, which you wouldn't really want all running on one server, unless the traffic is slow). Just make sure you can increase space and bandwidth before your contract runs out, otherwise your visitors may be stuck with a slow server.
    5. Roy Oetting
      Roy Oetting
      Hi Dave, I have a business related question. I'm looking at buying website sofware (Serif's WebPlus x2) and they offer free web hosting for a year. Here are some numbers: 10GB site, 100 GB free bandwidth, and hosting up to 16 websites.
      My question is do the numbers look good (100 GB/mnth bandwidth) or should I be looking to get web hosting somewhere else?
    6. Aerobear
      How depressing that DAve has no friends yet! I mean c'mon. You even have your own loop de loop remix!!
      Awesome site, awesome vids, awesome advice. Aussie's reckon you are great. Check the percentage of aussie forum members. Well done Dave and Val. Hard work for you but all of us benefit. Win Win situation if ever I saw one.
    7. BraneDeadX
      How did you end up being the 6th user? :P I want get in touch with you one these days regarding the F35, I tried today on your live webcam but WAY to many people posting :P keep good work up!! the fourms will be awesome!
    8. Lynx
      Hi, Dave. Nice forum. Is it possibility to activate avatar editing?

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