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Jun 8, 2017
    1. moses atencio
      moses atencio
      i printed several f18 planes and got mixed up, i have one marked f18 v3 and another f18 eb v3? i cant find a f18 eb v3 on the web page to match them up,anyone help? thanks
    2. jamesjed
      David the f35 plans are not. lineing up call me3185845285
    3. Ryland
      Can you please delete me account and posts? Thanks.
    4. rujer007
    5. Vanman1
    6. gabriel101
      Can anyone help me I'm trying to find a great plane that's cheap and good for beginners in an rtf package that has the same design as the wild hawk or the dynam hawk sky. I would like to get my hands on a wild hawk but they are always out of stock. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should get.
      1. BTick21
        A Bixler from hobbyking
        Sep 2, 2014
    7. FlyJets
      Could anyone tell me where to access the instructions for the F-35 V2. I have both accounts setup and cannot find them
    8. eric freeman
      eric freeman
      can you please direct me to the free plan for the extra 300? thank you
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      2. jamesjed
        When login they should. be there .
        Sep 22, 2014
    9. rnadomsmartdude
      I just saw your F 22 V2 it is huge, ever thaught about going smaller and making a UM F 22
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    10. rnadomsmartdude
      Hey, what happened to the VTOL project, I haven't heard about it in years
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    11. liviums
      Hi Dave!I am a new member and I've got some questions.I've seen your videos about gyros and was very impressed.I've recently started to test gyros on an Escale airplane similar to the one in your films.I have fitted an Esky EK2-0704 rate gyro for roll and it flew ok on a wind of 10mph. however I am still not satisfied and I want to fit a head locking gyro like EK2-0704B. First question, did you try to use head locking gyros on roll in your experiments?do you know if during the initialisation sequence the gyro memorize the position it has on the ground and in flight will always bring the plane in the same bank position? or It's stabilizing the aircraft on the last bank angle position given by the last comand applied to the stick. I am still confused about the way these head locking gyros work as I know they are designed for heli. I did some tests on the ground but the way the ailerons works when I shake the plane trying to simulate gusts does not give me any confidence. Regards, Liviu
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    12. Mr.Pilot101
      Hey Dave! When you gonna make more videos? Your probably busy. Hahaha! Well it would be awesome if you could one every other week or something. Anyways, your videos still never get old and I always laugh at the slow motion moment and when you speed the voices up. Keep up the good work with the PDF plans. I'm planning on doing one this winter and I'm excited to start it! Well cya!! :)
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    13. RCCrazy
      Is there a way you could put togerther a quick video of how you change the motor out, actually show installation of the servos in the wings on the roll for the flaperons. etc. for the wild hawk. and the nose portion. I have 0 experience and have ordered the micro jet and want to install it, but I'm afraid to cut into anything for fear of screwing something up. escpecially the motor and flaps. There are a lot of people that want to see this..thanks a bunch if you can.
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    14. dmagic111
      hi dave
      just wanted to say how much fun i'm having with your ez build pdf plans
      just built a f-35 and it flys great after skome trim adjustments 20 flights and still going strong thanks for great times
      haven't flown in years and it's just like riding a bike.
      thanks again
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    15. ewcong
      After a recent crash, neither my motor or servos work. Please tell me how to troubleshoot my system to find the problem. I have voltage into and out of my ESC, but that's IT.
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    16. do-a-horizontal-barrel-roll-57
      ha i put a rocket on one of those
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    17. steveo928
      Dave, I think you should try to power one of scott little jets "for the little ones". you could use a park 250 1 servo for ail ad one for elev no rudder control, SIMPLE . i'll try it and tell you about it
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    18. do-a-horizontal-barrel-roll-57
      ha i still have windows Egyptian ok windows 1990 something but i got a i mac desktop for its music recording capabilities o and Dredogol can your windows 12 do a quantum barrel roll my old lap top can i left it in the dryer long story haha dave window 7 is the newest system out as a finnal but you can test them tho i recomend geting a mac its a lot better until you start making you desktop from the ground up imac pro has the best setup for you trust me once you get past the first few months its worth it <^> air force lol
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    19. Dredogol
      I'm sorry to tell you Dave, but I'm using Windows 12 right now, :D
      It's a new OS specifically designed for quantum processors at Microsoft. :spin:
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    20. wetc1rgj
      Hi Dave I'm in the UK, when are going to be back on utub and your weekly vids, I and lots of others are missing you and val doing stuff. Regards Pete
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