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Jan 1, 2012
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Student and dads a spy

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Rookie, from Toronto

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Jan 1, 2012
    1. Firef0x
      what did you use for a tail wheel on your apprentice s15e on the conversion from trike to tail daragger
    2. iflyhinlo
      Thanks for all the support. And tell your dad I said Hi.
    3. EquinoxRC
      Thanks for the post about my Wild Hawk, that was the day I got it :). It still flies great but doesn't look like that anymore.
    4. joe connick
      joe connick
      Hey Buddy, I want to thank you again, man I follow exactly what you tell me to do and it works. I sent back the V2 Super Sonic from Grayson Hobby. It was defective and all the magnet shattered within seconds of running it. I also could not get it to run normal and I did everything you told me, but it was defective. I wrote the boss and I sent back the whole combo kit. He said he understood and sometimes things are beyond his controll. My Exceed radio does such a good job I ordered 2 more for other planes that I have. Thanks so Much, Your Cajun Buddy Joe Connick
    5. joe connick
      joe connick
      O.K. Here's a good one for you. I just bought a Super Cub LP from Hobbyzone and I have never flew it. It has the ACT anti crash tech. I build the plane and charged the battery followed procedure and it would crank up so nice. Rudder and elevator all look real good, I got it for my wife and myself so she can learn how to fly. Now once a week I usually crank up my planes and fly a couple, now like I said I never flew the Cub Yet Weather just to bad. It cranked up everytime. Yesterday I put the battery in it and was going to crank it and I got nothing, I checked the battery and it was fine a full charge. I can't get to do nothing no beeping, I mean nothing......Please think about this. Thanks so much, you are extremely smart with these aircraft and I Thank You Again, You Cajun Buddy Joe Connick...I had to break it down to two messages I went over the limit.
    6. VallieJean
      yep happens. i usually get them them each day but sneaky ones get through.
    7. jcrankshaw
      Hey once again THANKS for the instructions on the exceed tx. I configured the X-31 last night and had my channel 1 reversed and couldn't figure out how to switch it so I went back to your instructions and did it. Without people like you, this hobby would have fell aside and I may have never continued to pursue it
    8. fly4fun
      Matty is 14, but just to make it clear to all who visit our page, we are a Father and son Combo like it shows on the You tube channel and partly on the about me. Most of the pics are of Matt because he can't focus a camera.
      Paul (Dad..46yr) does most of the posts and builds and Matty flies all the hard stuff, F35, Cessna, ect. He can't write as well as wot i can, Ehh but is arguably the more superior pilot now.
      Ohh and by the Way....We are British, from Blackpool, UK, not Canadian, we do live in Toronto and it's a great place.
      Thanks Paul n Matty
    9. jcrankshaw
      Are you really 14 like your profile says? If so, your pretty smart!
    11. fly4fun
      check battery power first then have you set up the esc
    12. 12860682321
      i need a little help fly4fun, i have a problem with my motor, when i ever i give throlle to the motor my motor isn't spinning, can yoou help me with this.
    13. 12860682321
      what i mean to say is that can you put a 8 by 4 prop on the hawk sky motor on another plane that has the motor in front with our burning out
    14. 12860682321
      can i use an 8 by 4 prop on the dynam hawk sky motor without burning out the motor please respond
    15. hrhodes3
      I am getting the hawk sky as well. I think its going to be my go to plane !!!
    16. 12860682321
      how much does the hawk sky wieght with the battery please responed
    17. poplharris
      Do you know alot about these exeed 6 channel radios? I sure dont.
    18. D_Thissen
    19. D_Thissen
      hey man, no i cant get a lift :( but like you said the weather sucks right now, and im super busy with my other flying (multi ifr rating) so yeah lol
    20. colie6
      Haha thanks man, yeah i know what you mean, took me a few crashes before i realized left was right and right was left and such lol.. yeah it took my forever to build the first one, figuring out how everything goes together, short circuiting my wires lol.. I think my next im just gona buy a reciever ready plane lol, then eventually build a foam jet xD
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    Student and dads a spy
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