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Nov 14, 2012

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    1. skullfreak
      hi dave i am a beginner and i was thinking/wondering if u could use the variable pitch props for ur v-tol plane? instead of just the power of the motors.
    2. Luis Perez
      Luis Perez
    3. Luis Perez
    4. Luis Perez
      Luis Perez
      Can you build me a F-117
    5. nazim1495
      Hey save, nice vids you put up so far!

      Also what do you think of the stealth pak fa t-50 jet fighter?
    6. swim93
      i sent a pm to rcpowers admin but i ment to send it to you
      i hope you are the one who checks that lol
    7. p-51 mustang
      p-51 mustang
      hi dave i had an idea just for fun..... maby u could slap on a small and cheap airsoft uzi on to two f-117s and have a dog fight with kieth LOL!
    8. p-51 mustang
      p-51 mustang
      hello,i have got a e-mail acount on comcast.net,if u do 2, i would like you as a friend,so if you do please reply.

    9. p-51 mustang
      p-51 mustang
      hi dave i think you are smart and cool,so i addedyou to my friend list
    10. joshua.m.r
      you know how you set up the f-22 with the elevator doubled up as aliarons
      how do you plug that up into your receiver
    11. LukeWarm
      The gun you have was bought at Home Depot.
      You were asking what it is a while back.
      Your gun is a ARROW TR550 Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun.
      12VAC, 40 watt, 380 degrees Fahrenheit.
      Quitman Lott
    12. shangsandy87
      Hi Dave, how are you? I got a Question for you, and please help me out.
      How do you put together Hawk Sky's wings? Do you use velcro or glue them together?
      From what I see in Wild Hawk, you didn't but Hawk Sky's wings are kind of different.
      If you use ailerons too much, it's not impossible for the wings to fall out in the flight.
      Can you give me some insight into this?
      Appreciate it very much,
      Sandy from China
    13. Tony_Pham
      hey did you try the dynam super cub at nitro plane ?
    14. Tony_Pham
      wow oh your design is impress me :D
      i love the X36 :D
      btw i am only 14 :D
      i love the prank you guys did :D
    15. Aviation nerd
      Aviation nerd
      hi dave! i don't wanna sound like a groupy, but you got me started in using rc planes for exparamental reasons. i have been disigning planes for a long time now and know most aerodynamic laws. not bad for a plane obsessed 13 year old huh? ps could you some rc know how with me. thanx
    16. kylehetherington
      hi Dave,I'm your biggest fan.I've built a whole bunch of planes just like you and I'm only 11 years old!And I was wondering if you could please email me some free pdf plans(email me the F-22 easybuild) because my birthday is tomorrow and my parents won't let me get it and they don't think its worth it,so dave for my birthday tomorrow can you email me the F-22 easybuilt pdf plans my email address is kylehetherington@gmail.com thank you Dave so much and I want to grow up and be like you when I'm older
    17. do-a-horizontal-barrel-roll-57
      well thats one way to stol i do the landing half like that on my x-plane 9 just had to mod the specks on the plane :)
    18. Thrushloader
    19. do-a-horizontal-barrel-roll-57
      hey dave sent you an email you might want to clean out your pm box on the form i think you val and the rc powers profile are all full
    20. chief running
      chief running
      :thumb:Hi Dave got a question for you. I'm using a 4cell 14.8v 20c 2200mah battery and want to know if i can use a 3000 or 4000mah for longer flying times or will this hurt my equipment. If i can is there much advantage to it.
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